Unravelling performance
through dependable and self-assured
online assessments

An Ecosystem built
for advanced learning
and skills validation

“Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Indigenous platform
re-engineered for Africa

Indigenous platform
reengineered for Africa

We provide a secure
Enterprise-grade assessment platform,
Delivered with care and unequalled expertise.

Indigenous platform
reengineered for Africa

Unravelling performance
Through dependable and
Self-assured online assessments.

Indigenous platform
reengineered for Africa


Multiple platform, One goal

Advancity provides exceptional skills validation solutions to public and private entities, distant learning platforms to bridge the education gap in Africa and exam prep repositories to millions of students  in Africa.

Our Services


A robust, secured  and reliable testing platform for skills validation

Advance Learning

A powerful teaching and learning platform tailored for different user needs and goes beyond the traditional learning management system.

Advance IV

Automated identity verification platform harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to detect and deter cheating for large scale & remote examination

Advance Repo

A robust CBT examination preparatory and testing platform, with a vision of helping candidates excel in Africa

Advance Proctor

AI-driven remote proctoring engine that continuously monitor exam takers therefore eliminating the need for on-site proctor  and providing absolute confidence in the integrity of your exams.

Who We Are

Advancity is a technology driven provider of educational assessment platforms. Our secure assessment platform allows public and private parastatals to efficiently create, administer, grade, and analyze remote assessments. Our core priority is to continually re-engineer the conventional global LMS and improving adoption in Africa.

In the last few months of operation, we have administered over 5,000 tests in Nigeria and we are on target of achieving over 100 million remote tests in Africa in the next 5 years.

To support this kind of lifelong learning, we’ve expanded beyond our primary focus of skills validation to encompass employee development and reflect the convergence of the academic and professional worlds.

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